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The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for agencies, schools and hospitals to make life better for children with special needs.


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100% of each donation to the WHAS Crusade for Children helps children with special needs.

The WHAS Crusade Endowment Campaign fully funds our future.

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Helping make life better for children with special needs

Agencies, hospitals and schools across Kentuckiana that serve children with special needs got some great news from the WHAS Crusade for Children this week.

The Crusade sent out grant letters on July 1 to organizations to let them know their requests will be funded from the $5,500,000 collected during the 64th annual WHAS Crusade for Children.

The 30-hour broadcast aired on WHAS11 television, 840WHAS radio, WBNA-TV21 (Louisville), WBKO-TV13 (Bowling Green) and worldwide on WHAS11.com during the weekend of June 3 and 4.

It’s America’s most successful local telethon.

Click here to learn more about the Crusade grant process.

2017 WHAS Crusade for Children Grants


Adair Board of Education $49,000.00
Allegro Dance Project $5,000.00
American Red Cross $20,000.00
American Printing House for Blind $6,000.00
Americana Community Ctr. $9,750.00
Anchorage Independent School District $40,000.00
Appalachian Reg’l Healthcare $7,810.64
Archdiocese of Louisville $48,000.00
ARHHC $6,500.00
Asbury University $20,000.00

Baptist Health $78,000.00
Bardstown Ind. Schools $32,739.00
Barren River Area Child Adv. Center $10,000.00
Bath County Board of Education $8,000.00
Bellarmine University/Physical Therapy Prog. $40,000.00
Bellarmine University/Scholarships $12,000.00
Best Buddies Kentucky $10,500.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana $6,000.00
Bingham Child Guidance $50,000.00
Bluegrass Chapter of Nat’l AMBUCS $1,200.00
Bluegrass Ctr. For Autism $25,000.00
Boys & Girls Club $12,000.00
Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green $8,000.00
Boys & Girls Haven $95,000.00
Breckinridge Co.Board of Education $38,000.00
Bullitt Co. Board of Education $50,000.00
Bullitt Co. Family YMCA Branch $7,000.00
Burgin Ind. Schools $5,000.00

Camp TESSA $7,000.00
Camp TESSA of Meade Co. $5,200.00
Campbellsville Board of Education $18,000.00
Canaan Community Academy $10,000.00
Carroll Co. Publc Schools $6,000.00
CASA of Lexington $17,000.00
CASA of South Central KY $7,500.00
CASA of the Heartland $11,250.00
CASA of the River Region $6,500.00
CASA of Woodlawn $4,100.00
CASA Program for Bullitt County, Inc. $15,000.00
Caverna Board of Education $8,400.00
Center for Courageous Kids $40,000.00
Center for Women & Families $17,000.00
Centerstone Kentucky $34,000.00
Central Ky. Education Coop $30,000.00
Child Development Ctr. Of the Bluegrass $10,000.00
Children’s Law Ctr. $12,500.00
Clark County Youth Shelter $11,000.00
Clarksville Community Schools $13,800.00
Cloverport Ind. Schools $38,000.00
Communities in Schools Clark County $10,000.00
Community Action of So. Indiana $12,000.00
Community Action of So. Ky. $10,000.00
Ctr. Of Women/Infants University Hospital $46,377.00
Cumberland Co. Board of Education $6,189.50
Cystic Fibrosis $8,000.00

Dorman Preschool $28,000.00
Down Syndrome Ass. Of Central Ky. $3,000.00
Down Syndrome of Louisville $15,000.00
Dream Riders of Ky. $7,000.00
Dreams with Wings $10,000.00

Easter Seals West Ky. $9,000.00
EKU/Autism Spectrum Disorders $5,000.00
EKU/Scholarships $15,000.00
EKU/Special Education $17,841.00
Elizabethtown Ind. Schools $16,000.00
Eminence Ind. Schools $23,000.00
Englishton Park Presb. Ministries $3,000.00
Exceptional Equitation $3,500.00

Family & Children’s Place $26,500.00
Family Ark $17,650.00
Family Enrichment Ctr. $10,000.00
Family Scholar House $20,000.00
Fayette Co. Public School District $17,000.00
FEAT of Louisville $13,000.00
Flaget Memorial Hospital $10,000.00
Floyd Memorial Hospital $22,688.77
Frankfort Ind. Schools/Capital City Prep $17,500.00
Franklin Co. Board of Education $30,000.00
Frazier Rehab Inst. $8,000.00
Friends School $20,000.00
Fund for the Arts $7,500.00

Gateway Community Action $2,000.00
Gilda’s Club Louisville $20,000.00
Graves Co. Board of Education $10,000.00
Grayson Co. Schools $20,057.89
Greater Clark County Schools $36,500.00
Green Co. Board of Education $16,000.00
Green Hill Therapy $18,000.00

Hancock Co. Public Schools $4,000.00
Hardin Co. Board of Education $44,000.00
Hardin Memorial Hospital $90,000.00
Harrison Co. Hospital $4,143.95
Harrison County Exc. Learners Coop $20,728.33
Hart Co. Schools $14,000.00
Henry Co. Schools $22,500.00
Heuser Hearing & Language $75,687.45
Hindman Settlement School $12,500.00
Home of Innocents #2 $105,000.00
Home of Innocents/Capital $125,000.00
Hope Hill Youth Services $4,000.00
Hosparus $42,000.00

Indian Summer Camp $20,000.00

Jefferson Co. Public Schools (JCPS)/Assistive Technology $60,000.00
JCPS/Autism $21,000.00
JCPS/Communication Disorders $18,700.00
JCPS/Deaf & Hard of Hearing $18,000.00
JCPS/Early Childhood $7,000.00
JCPS/Moderate to Severe Disabilities $32,000.00
JCPS/OT/PT $40,000.00
JCPS/Vision $10,000.00
Jewish Community Ctr. $5,000.00
Jr. Achievement of Kentuckiana $4,100.00

Kentuckiana Children’s Center $22,000.00
Kid’s Ctr. For Pediatric Therapies $30,000.00
KORE Academy $6,000.00
Ky. Children’s Hospital $5,625.00
Ky. Ctr. For Arts Found $25,000.00
Ky. Ctr. For Special Children’s Services $62,800.00
Ky. Easter Seals/Creative Beginnings $2,420.00
Ky. Educational Development Corp. $15,000.00
Ky. Hemophilia Found. $6,000.00
Ky. Horse Park Foundation $5,000.00
Ky. Lions Eye Foundation $15,575.47
Ky. School for Deaf $35,000.00

Lake Cumberland Com. Action $1,711.00
LaRue Co. Schools $12,000.00
Lawrence County Schools $20,000.00
Learning Disabilities $1,210.00
Learning for Life $18,000.00
Lexington Hearing & Speech Ctr. $10,000.00
LifeSpring Health Systems $3,000.00
Lighthouse Promise $5,500.00
Lincoln County School $18,500.00

Madison Area Educational Services Unit $8,500.00
Madison Consolidated Schools $20,000.00
Marion Co. Board of Education $11,995.00
Maryhurst $20,000.00
Meade Co. Board of Education $25,000.00
Meredith-Dunn School $19,000.00
Miracle Dancer Scholarship Found. $3,080.00
Miracle League of Louisville $55,000.00
Mountain Comp. Care Ctr. $17,000.00
Muscular Dystrophy $12,000.00

Nativity Academy of St. Boniface $22,000.00
NELCASA $3,000.00
Nelson Co. Schools $20,000.00
New Albany/Floyd Co. Schools $62,098.00
No. Ky. Coop for Ed. Services $3,000.00
Norton Children’s Hospital $450,000.00

Oldham Co. Board of Education $50,000.00
Open Door Youth Services $9,000.00
Orange Co. Rehab $36,000.00
Our Lady of Peace $27,000.00
Our Lady of Providence Jr-Sr High School $14,000.00
Owen Co. Schools $5,000.00
Owensboro Dance Theatre $13,000.00
Owensboro Health Foundation $18,013.00

Paws With Purpose $20,000.00
People & Animal Learning Services $2,000.00
Personal Counseling Service $40,000.00
Pitt Academy $25,000.00
Providence Self Sufficiency $15,000.00
Puzzle Pieces $18,000.00

Rauch $15,000.00
Riley Children’s Foundation $8,000.00
Rockcastle Reg’l Hospital $20,000.00

SAFY $4,000.00
Scott County School District 2 $10,000.00
Shelby Co. Schools $80,000.00
So. Hills Counseling Ctr. $13,000.00
So. Indiana Rehab Hospital $10,000.00
South Central Area Coop $20,000.00
South Central Ky. Kids on Block $3,500.00
Spalding University/Enabling Technologies $7,500.00
Spalding University/Scholarships $12,000.00
Special Olympics of Ky. $17,000.00
Spencer Co. Schools $28,000.00
Spina Bifida Assoc. of Ky. $23,000.00
Sproutlings Ped. Day Care/Preschool $10,115.00
St. Francis School #2 $15,000.00
St. Joseph Children’s Home $20,000.00
St. Joseph London Hospital $20,000.00
St. Vincent de Paul $10,000.00
StageOne $5,000.00
Summit Academy of Greater Lou. $12,500.00
Sunrise Children’s Services $20,000.00

Taylor Co. BOE $12,000.00
Telford YMCA $10,000.00
The de Paul School $80,000.00
The Morton Ctr. $24,000.00
The REATH Center $4,000.00

University of Kentucky/PACCK $6,000.00
U of L/ Pediatrics Capital Project $238,000.00
U of L/Cystic Fibrosis $20,000.00
U of L/Dentistry $40,000.00
U of L/Endrocrinology Infusion $14,000.00
U of L/Learning Disorders $60,000.00
U of L/Neurology Prog. $150,000.00
U of L/Ped. Nutrition $60,000.00
U of L/Pediatric Clinic $12,000.00
U of L/Scholarships $20,000.00
U of L/StAR $103,000.00
Uspiritus $80,000.00

VIPS/Indianapolis $30,000.00
VIPS/Lexington $30,000.00
VIPS/Louisville $75,000.00
Volunteers of America $20,000.00
VSA Kentucky $10,000.00

Washington Co. Schools $12,000.00
Wendell Foster’s Campus $18,000.00
West Clark Community Schools $16,000.00
West Point Ind. Board of Education $19,000.00
Whitley Co. Board of Education $7,624.00
Wilderness Trace Child Deve. Center $10,000.00
WKU/Early Childhood $33,950.00
WKU/Kelly Autism $20,000.00
WKU/Scholarships $20,370.00
Women’s Hospital at St. Joseph East $30,000.00
Woodford Co. Schools $9,000.00
Working for Puzzle for Autism $6,000.00

YMCA of Gr. Louisville $15,000.00
YMCA Safe Places $15,000.00
Youth Ethics & Skills Ctr. $8,000.00
YouthBuild Louisville $2,000.00

Total 5,500,000.00

We crusade for them

In its first 64 years, the WHAS Crusade for Children has raised more than $175 million. Thanks to generous contributions of goods and services, the WHAS Crusade is able to return 100% of all donations to organizations that make life better for children with special needs in all 120 Kentucky counties and 50 southern Indiana counties. Fire departments raise more than 50 percent of the money each year by staging road blocks and other events.

Countdown to the 65th annual WHAS Crusade for Children

June 2 - 3, 2018

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